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Powder Coating

Powder Coating, together with all aspects of component preparation are undertaken and items up to 6 metres in length can be accommodated.

Powder Coating involves the application of elecrostatically charged powder which is then heated to melt it and fuse it to the component. The temperature involved is approximately 220 deg. C. which renders it unsuitable for some items which might be affected by the heat.

Facilities include a very large conveyorised machine handling high volumes of parts, or very long items up to 6 metres, and separate "off line" coating booths and ovens for smaller volume parts. Maximum oven size "off line" is 4 metres x 3 metres.

We process parts made from many different materials, including most metals, and coat in a range of colours and textures, all to customer specifications. Powder coating provides a durable finish in a range of colours, and some textured finishes are possible.